Monday, 13 December 2010

Passing The Barcelona Way?

Objective: Passing - The Barcelona Way? How I think a Barcelona Youth coaching session might be run?

Warm Up: Ball Work - El Rondo
Players play 3v1 in a tight space (10 by 10). The player in the middle has the job of getting the ball off of the other players by intercepting it as they attempt to pass it to each other. When the central player intercepts the ball, the player who made the pass must become the central player. This is a fast paced game, so ensure one person doesnt spend too much time in the middle chasing the ball. This can also be progressed to 4v2 in a larger area.

Here is a video of Barcelona using the Rondo for a warm up

Work in small groups: 3v3v3 - This drill is shown on the Uefa Training Ground video below:

Work in small areas: The Cruyff Game - This game is from Paul Coopers excellent books on learning through play. Johan Cruyff, as well as being one the all time greats as player was also an excellent coach. At Barcelona most of his training sessions consisted of playing two touch football, six against four in an area half the size of the penalty area.

• Pitch sizes 30 x 20 – or 20 x 15 for U14s and above.
• Number of teams – 2
• Team sizes – 4v4 plus two extra players (one on each side who plays for the team in possession)
• Bibs optional
• Goals – Normal goals or have a number of passes equal a goal.

In a small area the movement is fast and the passes must be accurate. Two of the six play wide and play with the team in possession. It is always six with the ball and four trying to regain possession.

Group Work: Normal Match Focus on the skills learnt in the session, giving particular praise to players passing well and moving into space when their team is in possession. Let the players be there favourite Barca, or Spanish player.

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